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We are currently experiencing technical issues with our online chat and phone line. Please email for all enquiries.
We are currently experiencing technical issues with our online chat and phone line. Please email for all enquiries.


Caverack Modular Wine Racks

If you're a wine enthusiast in search of a versatile and customisable storage solution, modular wine racks are the perfect choice. These innovative racks offer flexibility in design and configuration, allowing you to create a wine storage system tailored to your specific needs and style preferences. In this collection, we present a range of modular wine racks from Caverack, renowned for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Material Choices for Every Taste

Caverack modular wine racks are available in four different material choices, ensuring there's an option to suit your aesthetic preferences. The choices include solid oak, solid pine, burnt pine, and a combination of solid oak and black painted pine. Each material imparts its unique character, and the selection allows you to find the perfect match for your decor and personal style.

Choosing the Right Material

When selecting the material for your modular wine rack, consider the qualities of each option. Solid oak is known for its durability and premium quality, while pine provides a more affordable alternative without compromising on craftsmanship. The burnt pine offers a unique and rustic appeal, adding character to your wine display, whereas the oak and black pine option gives a modern and contrasting look to your modular wine rack design. If you're unsure about which material best suits your needs, our team is here to provide design advice and guide you through the decision-making process.

Explore the Modules

Within the Caverack collection, several modules stand out for their features and popularity among wine enthusiasts, here's just some of them:

Leo: Our best-selling module, Leo, offers six sliding shelves capable of accommodating six bottles each, providing a total capacity of 36 bottles. Due to its immense popularity, Leo also comes in a half-height option, featuring three sliding shelves and accommodating 18 bottles.

Caverack Modular Wine Rack - Leo module with six sliding shelves that can fit up to 36 bottles of wineCaverack Modular Wine Rack - Half Leo

Cleo: Similar to Leo, Cleo incorporates sliding shelves, but it boasts an additional drawer at the bottom. This drawer offers convenient storage for corks, bottle openers, wine stoppers, and other wine accessories. Cleo can hold up to 30 bottles, fewer than the Leo as it has one less shelf due to the added drawer.

Caverack Modular Wine Rack - CleoCaverack Modular Wine Rack - Cleo With Open Drawer

Abra: With its diamond-shaped design, Abra module adds a touch of elegance to your wine storage system. It can accommodate up to 40 bottles, making it an excellent choice for those seeking higher capacity options. Abra is a popular choice among wine enthusiasts who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality.
Caverack Modular Wine Rack - Abra

Corner: For those who require their modular wine rack design to follow a corner to optimise their space, Caverack offers the perfect corner module. This module ensures efficient utilisation of corner spaces and can hold up to 24 bottles. Additionally, a half-height corner module is available, accommodating 12 bottles and providing flexibility in design.

Caverack Modular Wine Rack - CornerCaverack Modular Wine Rack - Half Corner

Design and Dimensions

All Caverack modules share a standard depth of 300mm, ensuring uniformity and easy integration. The modules come in varying heights of 600mm or 300mm and widths of 600mm or 300mm. This modular design allows for seamless integration, enabling you to create a wine rack that perfectly fits your available space and bottle capacity requirements.

Use the online design tool to design your very own modular wine rack, or get in touch with us today and we can design your new wine storage for you. All we’ll need is a photo or drawing of the desired space, a few measurements and an idea of the modules you’d like to be included in your design. We’ll handle the rest! Give us a call on 03330909560 or email us at

Additional Options and Accessories

The Caverack modular wine rack system modules do not include back panels, as they are not structurally necessary and often unwanted. However, back panels are available for purchase separately if desired. Additionally, for added convenience and visual appeal, bases are available to elevate your wine rack 100mm off the ground. This option not only enhances styling but also aligns with some insurance company recommendations for cellar installations, yet we would always recommend checking with your own insurance company before making a decision. The choice to include bases is entirely up to your preference and is not essential for the modular wine racks functionality.


With Caverack modular wine racks, you have the freedom to create a personalised wine storage solution that combines style, functionality, and capacity. Whether you opt for solid oak, pine, burnt pine, or oak and black pine, each module offers exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Explore the range of modules available and build a modular wine rack that reflects your individual taste and accommodates your ever-growing collection. Should you require any design advice or material recommendations, our team is here to assist you. 

Don’t forget, you can call us now on 03330909560 or email us at and we can design your dream wine rack for you! Elevate your wine storage experience with Caverack modular wine racks.