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We are currently experiencing technical issues with our online chat and phone line. Please email for all enquiries.
We are currently experiencing technical issues with our online chat and phone line. Please email for all enquiries.

Duravacu by Winefit - Still Wine Preservation System

by Winefit

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Introducing the Duravacu Still Wine Preservation System: Elevate Your Still Wine Experience

Unveil the epitome of still wine preservation with Duravacu by Winefit, part of the Duravin+ range. This sophisticated system, patent protected to ensure unrivalled innovation, is meticulously crafted to extend the life and enhance the quality of your cherished reds, whites, and more. Duravacu is a testament to the commitment of Winefit, a 100% Italian brand renowned for authentically Italian products crafted with the utmost knowledge and technology.

Click on the links here to shop for the sparkling wine preservation system (Duraperl) or a combination of both still and sparkling (Duracombi).

Key Features:

Pressure-Regulating Excellence: Duravacu employs an advanced pressure-regulating system, guaranteeing a minimum two-week preservation of your still wines. Bid farewell to the risk of deterioration and embrace a consistently exceptional drinking experience that exceeds expectations.

Plug and Play Simplicity: No technical expertise is needed with Duravacu – it's a plug-and-play system designed for seamless integration into your wine lifestyle. The vacuum, patent protected for its innovative design, is pre-fitted to remove air from bottles, ensuring effortless operation.

Reduced Wastage, Guaranteed ROI: Investing in Duravacu means investing in a guaranteed return on investment. The reduced wastage, thanks to the preservation system, enhances sustainability and reduces unnecessary costs. Your favoured wines, preserved for a minimum of two weeks, represent not just an appliance but a strategic investment in your wine collection or business.

Higher Quality Drinking Experience: Elevate the drinking experience for your guests or indulge personally with a curated selection of still wines that consistently meet the highest standards of quality. Duravacu ensures that every pour is a testament to authenticity, innovation, and an unrivalled commitment to excellence.

User-Friendly Operation: Duravacu embodies simplicity, allowing users to preserve still wines effortlessly within seconds. Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or just beginning your journey, the plug-and-play nature ensures a seamless integration into your wine lifestyle and business alike.

Why Choose the 'Winefit - Duravacu' Still Wine Preservation System?

Choosing Duravacu is choosing excellence beyond borders. Here's why the still wine preservation system stands out:

Patent Protection: Duravacu, like all Duravin+ products, is patent protected, ensuring that you're investing in cutting-edge innovation that sets your still wine preservation apart.

Authentically Italian: Winefit, as a 100% Italian brand, brings you products crafted with the best knowledge and technology, all made in Italy. Duravacu is an authentic expression of Italian craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Guaranteed ROI: The investment in Duravacu translates into a guaranteed return on investment. Reduced wastage and the prolonged life of your favoured wines contribute to cost savings and a sustainable approach to wine service.

How the Duravacu Still Wine Preservation System Works:

Understanding the mechanics behind Duravacu is key to appreciating its excellence:

Vacuum Technology: The integrated vacuum technology, patent protected for its innovative design, removes air from opened bottles, creating an airtight seal that halts the oxidation process and preserves the wine's freshness.

Pressure Regulation: Duravacu's advanced pressure-regulating system maintains the ideal conditions within the bottle, preventing the degradation of still wine flavours even after the bottle has been opened.

Embrace the elegance of still wine preservation with the Duravin+ range. Redefine the way you enjoy and share your favourite bottles, knowing that every pour is a testament to quality, innovation, and an unrivalled commitment to excellence. Purchase Duravacu still wine preservation system today and unlock a new era of still wine appreciation. Cheers to preserving the moments that matter.

What is included in the purchase of a Duravacu Still Wine Preservation System?

  • 1 x Duravacu machine
  • 10 x still wine stoppers
  • 12 months warranty

Who are 'Winefit'? 

Winefit, an Italian brand that brings sophistication and innovation to every wine experience. Established in 2011, Winefit takes pride in offering a meticulously crafted range of wine preservation products. Not only are their products patent-protected, ensuring cutting-edge reliability, but they also provide a 12-month warranty for added confidence. Enjoy the best prices in the market, making Winefit an unbeatable choice. In response to the evolving trends in the UK's alcohol consumption over the past 15 years, Winefit's products are designed to help you adapt, ensuring your wines stay at their best for longer. Embrace the tradition, trust the innovation, and savour the excellence that defines Winefit. Cheers to preserving the true essence of your favourite wines.

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Safety, Installation and User Manual

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