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Welcome to our collection of luxury, high quality humidors in the UK, designed for the true cigar connoisseur who appreciates both the art of cigar storage and presentation. If you have a growing or substantial cigar collection and are looking to maintain their quality in the perfect environment while showcasing them in a timeless and classy way, you've come to the right place.


Swisscave, known for their dominance in the wine cooler industry, has now ventured into the realm of humidors, and the results are truly remarkable. These humidors have gained popularity for their exceptional quality and stylish design. Whether you already own a Swisscave wine cooler and seek a matching aesthetic or are considering a complete set, Swisscave humidors offer a seamless integration. Available in three sizes, they can accommodate cigar collections ranging from 900 to 2800 cigars. What sets them apart are the thoughtful features, including three lighting settings that can be easily interchanged, and a winter heating setting that ensures year-round optimal internal temperature and humidity, regardless of external conditions.

IP Industrie, an esteemed Italian brand, has curated a world-class collection of modular cabinets, spanning wine coolers, humidors, cheese cabinets, and meat curing cabinets. These modular wonders are each meticulously handcrafted to order in Italy, and their adaptability is truly limitless. Designed to fit together seamlessly, these cabinets can form an impressive ensemble of wine, cigars, and fine foods. What's more, they are also available as individual units, giving you the freedom to expand your collection as desired. These cabinets are the ultimate choice if you're looking to create a show stopping experience for yourself and your guests. They are also the preferred option for high-end restaurants and bars aiming to leave a lasting impression.

Liebherr, a highly regarded brand in kitchen appliances, wine coolers, and humidors, offers an exceptional humidor that covers all the essentials. Available in sleek stainless steel, it's a popular choice for kitchens due to its easy-to-clean and stylish appeal. This humidor is an excellent choice if you're planning to expand your cigar range while maintaining a modest collection that harmonises with a kitchen setting.

In conclusion, our collection of humidors in the UK comprises offerings from Swisscave, IP Industrie, and Liebherr, each catering to different preferences and needs. Whether you're aiming for a seamless match with your existing Swisscave wine cooler, dreaming of a modular masterpiece to impress, or seeking a sleek and practical addition to your kitchen, we have the perfect humidor for you. Explore our range, and elevate your cigar collection to new heights of sophistication and preservation.