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Call our wine storage experts on 03330909560 today!

IP Industrie - Parma System NCK151CF Metal Black - Wine/Cheese/Meat/Cigars

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IP Industrie Parma Line NCK151CF: Elevate Your Wine Experience

We are currently in the process of adding the entire IP Parma range to our website. Whilst some are already here to view, not all are ready. Download the catalogue to see the full IP Industrie Parma range here. If you're looking for anything that isn't yet on our website, give us a call on 03330909560 or email and we will arrange a quote for you.

Unlock the world of exquisite wine storage with the NCK151CF from the IP Industrie Parma Line. Immerse yourself in the art of preserving wines, cheeses, cured meats, and even cigars, all housed within a sleek and sophisticated Metal Black cabinet.

Dimensions (mm) for NCK151CF wine modules: 850 (h) x 598 (w) x 610 (d)

Crafted for Connoisseurs and Connoisseurs-to-Be

Experience Innovation: The Parma Metal Black collection seamlessly merges innovation with elegance. With Italian craftsmanship at its core, it offers a range of solutions for conserving wines, cigars, and delectable delicacies. This cabinet is a true testament to the reliability and exclusivity of Italian manufacturing.

Modular Brilliance: Wine Cabinet Variations

The modular design presents four versatile configurations, suitable for both commercial and domestic settings. Revel in the beauty of your wine collection as it's showcased in these meticulously designed compartments.

  1. Standard Configuration (A):

Maximum Capacity: 54 Bottles

In the Standard configuration, the NCK151CF beautifully cradles up to 54 bottles of your prized wines. The bottles are stored horizontally, ensuring proper wine preservation. What sets this configuration apart is the front row of bottles that are stored vertically, allowing you to showcase your most cherished labels. This arrangement not only optimises space but also adds a touch of elegance to your collection.

  1. Solid Wood Sliding Shelves Configuration (S):

Maximum Capacity: 48 Bottles

Experience accessibility like never before with the Solid Wood Sliding Shelves configuration. In this setup, the NCK151CF accommodates up to 48 bottles, all stored horizontally on sliding shelves. This unique feature makes retrieving your preferred wine effortless and efficient. Whether you're selecting a bottle for a special occasion or simply indulging in your daily ritual, this configuration ensures your wine is always within reach.

  1. Inclination Configuration (O):

Maximum Capacity: 32 Bottles

Elevate the aesthetics of your wine display with the Inclination configuration. Here, the NCK151CF presents a captivating arrangement for up to 32 bottles. While most bottles are stored horizontally, the front row is artfully placed at a 45-degree angle, adding a dynamic visual appeal. This setup is perfect for those who seek both functionality and a touch of artistic flair in their wine storage solution.

  1. Light Configuration (L):

Maximum Capacity: 48 Bottles

For those who appreciate the dramatic impact of vertical wine storage, the Light configuration delivers an exquisite experience. With a maximum capacity of 48 bottles, this setup ensures that most bottles are stored vertically, highlighting their labels and making a bold statement. The bottom shelf, however, embraces horizontal storage for added convenience. This configuration strikes a balance between elegance and accessibility.

IP Industrie Parma Range Wine Shelving Variations

Temperature Harmony:

Embrace full control over your wine's environment. The NCK151CF offers single, dual, or multi-zone temperature options. Fine-tune the internal temperature between 4-18 degrees over one to three temperature zones, ensuring your wines are stored at their optimal conditions.

Tailored to Your Desires:

Each of these configurations caters to specific preferences and needs. Whether you're showcasing your collection, prioritising easy access, or adding a touch of sophistication, the IP Industrie Parma System NCK151CF has a configuration that aligns with your vision.
Enhancing Your Delights: Exploring IP Industrie Parma System NCK151CF Alternative Modules.

The IP Industrie Parma System NCK151CF in Metal Black isn't limited to just wine storage; it extends its versatility to accommodate your love for cheeses, cured meats, and cigars. Designed with precision and elegance, these specialised modules elevate your culinary and indulgent experiences. Let's delve into each module, unravelling their unique features and benefits:

  1. Cured Meats Module:

Temperature Range: 6-18 degrees

Indulge in the world of savoury delights with the Cured Meats Module. This exquisite addition provides a dedicated space to preserve your favourite cured meats with care. The single temperature option, adjustable between 6-18 degrees, ensures optimal conditions for maintaining the flavours and textures of your meats. Three hooks are thoughtfully integrated for hanging your prized selections, while a convenient shelf at the bottom offers extra storage. The stainless steel interior adds a touch of sophistication, making this module a must-have for every gourmet enthusiast.

  1. Cheese Module:

Temperature Range: 6-18 degrees

Elevate your cheese appreciation journey with the Cheese Module. Crafted to cater to your finest cheese selections, this module offers a temperature range of 6-18 degrees, preserving the integrity of your cheeses. The two stainless steel sliding shelves provide a perfect environment for ageing and displaying your cheeses. Whether you're hosting a soiree or savouring a quiet moment, this module ensures your cheeses are always at their prime. The stainless steel interior exudes durability and elegance, enhancing the overall experience.

Check out what IP Industrie have to say about curing meats and cheeses here.

  1. Cigar Module:

Temperature Range: 4-18 degrees

For aficionados of the finer things in life, the Cigar Module is a true indulgence. This module is meticulously designed to store and preserve up to 30 cigar boxes, ensuring they age gracefully. With a temperature range of 4-18 degrees, you have complete control over the ideal climate for your cigars. The module boasts one wooden shelf/tray, two wooden drawers, and a humidifier, creating an environment that caters to the nuances of cigar storage. Whether you're celebrating a milestone or reflecting in solitude, this module ensures your cigars are always ready for a perfect puff.

Check out what IP Industrie have to say about their humidors by clicking here.

IP Industrie Parma Range Cheese, Meat and Cigar Cabinets

 Discover the full range of our Parma Line in Metal Black, which includes larger modules and configurations tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're a wine connoisseur, cigar enthusiast, or cheese lover, our Parma Line offers a comprehensive solution for all your storage requirements. Explore the options within this range to find the perfect fit for your collection.

We are currently in the process of adding the entire IP Parma range to our website. Whilst some are already here to view, not all are ready. Download the catalogue to see the full IP Industrie Parma range here. If you're looking for anything that isn't yet on our website, give us a call on 03330909560 or email and we will arrange a quote for you.

IP Industrie Parma Range Full Size/Variation Range

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